Cute Indian Kid Playing with Balloon.

in dtube •  3 months ago

Every Kids all time favourite toy is Balloon. There is hardly anyone who have not played with Balloon during their childhood.

The Soft, Cozy, Airy, flated rubber stuff that bring smile in any kids face. We blew it in air, we played it as Football. Play it, twist it, the best unharmful playing material for any Kid.
How about, making a sound with Balloon....surprised??

Let me share you an interesting video of a Kid and her chirping smile, by making some unique sound from a Balloo .

Have fun and enjoy..the Weekend.

Thanks & Namaste


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This is adorable!

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Adorable! Kids have their own beautiful world!



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ooho awesome video. Full masti.



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Aww how cute 😊


Thanks @starjewel👍

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Good one!

Found you at #steemitbloggers.


Thanks @reonlouw..👍

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