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Hello Everyone,

Through this video, it's my third attempt to grab the attention of the maximum DTubers that I can.

I made two videos previously on the mischievous acts by Fake DTubers,

https://d.tube/v/steemersayu907/n85q8fis ( MALPRACTICES )

https://d.tube/v/steemersayu907/bbpnzqus ( STRANGE OBSERVATIONS ON DTube )

In both of the videos, my motive was the same as in this video that,

many reputed people such as @nathanmars , @clixmoney , @captainbob , @kpine , @thejohalfiles and many more like them are giving their utmost efforts and hard work to make this blockchain better and they are giving their support to the users and guide them to grow up on here and make a clean and quality content.

And if people like, (the one in this video) keep on diluting the quality and cycling their own content, again and again, it would be a serious threat to the ambitions of the people mentioned above.

Therefore I request DTubers to go original and provide content which is adding value to the platform and has something to learn for the audience.

And I beg @dtube and @steemcleaners to please look into this matter as it is a very serious issue. I have noticed many such types of users and god knows how many more are there.

If any support is required from my side for the naming of those users or the videos that I have found duplicated, Hit me up on DISCORD. USERNAME- steemersayu907 (only for @dtube and @steemcleaners

I Hope You Liked This Video
Thanks For Watching

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