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Hey Guys,

I have put up this little vlog on as I have been noticing many people pointing out some stuff of others instead of making them understand the right way they are simply pointing them out and exposing infront of the blockchain.

I believe this NEGATIVITY can be a cancer to our society as it makes those people demotivated, we must bring a Full Stop To THIS , right now !

Do SPREAD This Message, I Hope You Agree With Me :)

Do Drop Your Opinions Below In The COMMENT SECTION ...

Thanks For Stoppin By !


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Fantastic message. Sometimes we don't realize how much power our words have, and when we criticize without forethought, we can do more damage than good.

Constructive criticism is rare and as valuable as gold.

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I'm Glad you liked it :)

Yup you're right, there are some moments in our lives when we ourselves don't realize what we just did with a lightweight stuff (tongue) .

We might do a damn heavy damage if we use it without givin full attention to how it's been used

Thanks A Lot For Stoppin By ;)

Your Words Really Made Me Feel osm !


hi there. Yes it is a shame people have to spread negative energy. I myself and few others i know have experienced that from others in the steemit space. When this is supposed to be all about positive and helping everyone all out. very well done on your video
just a suggestion, your background music is too loud and its playing over your voice, maybe turn that down a bit, other wise you are doing an amazing job. Enjoy my resteem for you.


Definitely, it's a big shame for such people who spread such negativity upon STEEM, this shows they're not caring about it but they're trying to show that they are, but they're not !

I'm Glad you Liked My Video :)

Thanks a lot for your suggestion !!! I love people who suggest me changes, beacuse noone can see his/her own mistakes :)

I'll lower the music in my future vids :)

Thanks A LOt !

Wooohoo wonderful message Sayu!


Another thing I have noticed is the ones who do the thing you mentioned are paranoid that everyone else is doing it about them. When the truth is they are self projecting and accusing everyone of what they themselves are in fact guilty of.

Point being is.. be the change we want to see in the world! And help someone today!

Negative people are energy vampires and I cut them out like cancer. <333

Talk soon Sayu!


For Sure !

The Mean-Minded people discuss people

I Agree such people try to make people worship them and try hard to make them believe in him and when people start to ignore him, he gets mad and try to expose them with ridiculous opinions without making them understand the real way.

I too Believe we must do it b4 we see anyone else to do it !

Thanks a lot for stoppin by Unicorn !