starting to build out the initial asset pack for the @steemcasting overlays and hitting the first month fundraising update!

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Finally we got a logo in SVG format so we can play around with that and it pushes us forward a little bit, enabled us to play with the contests feature which tbh was a little weak but it’s certainly a great frontend for the blockchain that allows you from the phone (android) to quickly spin up a contest, for that alone I really like that and anyway you could do smaller contests in the future — I think for making content on there and submitting shows it’s gonna work perfectly.

let’s talk asset packs

So for a while I just couldn’t get started on the layouts and looks for content because we just did not have a starting point, a logo, a reference image. Now the contest has finished I’ll be getting @dayleeo to take a look at the SVG and tweak it up so we have something minimal that works — from there we will be able to make our first asset pack.

coming up in the first pack will be lower thirds, stings for putting over the top of your content and some ‘coming next’ banners — just think of everything you might need when you are submitting content to be streamed out across the channel, too start with as it might be slow for content I’ll be putting together hours of content myself from my own perspective but I’m hoping that the submissions will pick up but if not, no problem, I’ll tune it into some kind of radio station with static layouts promoting steem and steem dapps until we have more regular input and a team — I’m thinking the team might start to come from the onboarding efforts from the project too.

first goal reached, matched month!

now that we have gotten to our first goal, the first $100 for the service, we also can get a matched one month trial as well, once we have enough funds in place for the third month I’ll jump straight into streaming some content out and then it’s just going to be a grind to a replacement machine for video editing, check out some new gigabit co-working spaces and regular meetings to really refined the airtable schedule although we might switched that to because @dayleeo likes that and I need a little lesson in using it.

i’m actually thinking at this stage that we should include into the mix as well and start considering maybe ‘live’ badges overlays so people can ‘claim’ them randomly through out the day, I could also apply that method to the VLOG tokens made over on — that could work nicely ;)

Having a solid run way of three months means we can really hit the ground running with that twenty four hour schedule running and tweak blocks of programming to replace the ‘repeats’ — over time I feel that we would have SIX teams dealing with the four hour blocks for each day, basically just pulling together content to show in that block, that’s been through a quick ‘fit for purpose’ check and then it’s uploaded and put in the playlist.

It’s time and speed intensive obviously so combining some kind of failover video/radio show with stings and layout changes could keep things interesting, especially if we focus the audience around hanging out on twitch or youtube — obviously the core I want to build up is vimm because that’s the one that’s powered by steem and we want more people streaming from there.

pinterest epic wins pinboard → brand advocate for nokia, 1000heads, verisign → won vloggie for node666 (san fran 2006) → television for time team history hunters 1999 → sold to evan williams in april 2011 → went to phil campbell, alabama to help raise money after tornado (was on sky news, bbc news)→ CNN for sxsw 2013 about austin sxsw → video chat with robert scoblemusic video can you spot me?

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