little update about steemcasting content creation schedule and trial periods ahead.

in #dtube4 years ago (edited)

sorry for the lack of updates in the last 7/10 days.

i've been working on client work and making 'assets' for sale to sustain ourselves as we move forward, so far we have about $80 raised. originally i was gonna just jump and go for it but realised that i had under estimated the amount of editing and video time required so i'm glad i had that bit of time for a reset.

since then i've had a great chats with john and chris on steeming pile EU about content, schedules, advertisers and what that looks like, also, in the midst of that the homesteaders launched a really cool ecommerce website that got me thinking about bartering as well.

this morning i got an email from my contact at the third party company we will be using for our CDN and delivery network, they have finally offered up a trial period too which will help with the first few months, i think if i can get then get the THIRD month locked in then i'll start to jump in and get streaming.

from a logistics point of view it would be a good time to get a second machine and gigabit coworking again to really make this thing move properly but i feel it's gonna have to be just pull it together with sticky tape and glue and just see how far we get! as much as a perfectionist as i would like it to be that's just more costs right now and requires transportation and obviously more money.

[update] -- super cool also that restream also offer mixer ftl service now! -- -- pumped about that!

i speak about it more in the video, the video was using one of the new theme overlays in my new gumroad pack that is going out today with a number of dapp overlays in there. i think you will like it, i hope you will support us over on fundition and by buying the pack, the more funds we can bring in the faster we can start!!/@steemcasting/xcl3g9o19

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