Behind the Streams #2 — busy working on assets, my workflow, daily actions create results!

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I truly believe in being able to pick up something where you left off and while the cloud is great at being able to sync assets sometimes you just need to build out a work flow that works good for you — recently I think I’ve found that which means that I can build out all the effects that I need and literally drag and drop them to my stage, pre-built but easily editable and I gotta say it’s really been working out for me.

The great thing about having a static file setup and then a template is that I can easily jump in, make a change, copy and paste to the template, save and then record knowing that 75% of the stuff I wanna do with the video is ready to go, I’ve got auto sound levels taken care off, animations, effects, subscribe slides in happening and for youtube end cards.

To be fair thou the world is your oyster on it once you find a flow and I’m really excited to put together a bunch of these packs now for all the dapps and communities where I’m spending time in — this way, people can support me with things they need to make their content better but also their live streams too.

When I originally started making assets I was really hyper focused on making things for OBS as scenes but I realise that most of those scenes need modules so it’s better I start here and then pull them across into the OBS setup — once I’ve got the streaming box locked down and one of those lovely elgato streamdeck XL’s sorted we will really be off to the races and we can started to get this casting project of the ground.

I’ve also been thinking about design styling recently, I think I’ve got my heart set on making something that’s Neumorphism looking because it’s gonna become the new thing for a short while — I think if I make the website look this way as well then we could have something really cool in the short term and although it might be as feature complete as I want I think it could make a good portal for discussing my projects on the daily.

What tools do you use for your day to day workflow while making video, I’d love to know what tools make your life easier!

Peace and Hugs,
__humble x

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