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Our mission is individual sovereignty accessible to all, built on crypto. Our first step is ELTCOIN.
For some time crypto technology has been open to those who have reason to use it.
We have seen p2p trustless networks, made up from decentralised nodes; we observe the mutual benefits freedom from trust affords us, this is foundational.
A picture of the future; as we transition to crypto platforms, environments will form where trust will be redefined as an implicit transaction parameter.
This is a future where individual sovereignty can actually be realised.
It is of this future, ELTCOIN dares to dream.

ELTCOIN universe, an ecosystem formed of DAO communities, connected through staking in ELTCOIN.
The future we create, is fundamentally incompatible with hierarchical structures of governance.
Our model is open source and decentralised - the mission is simple:
Stake your claim to freedom

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Thank you. Individual sovereignty is what we must protect


This is the driving force behind the ELTCOIN movement.

Please see our bitcoin talk thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2425069.0;all

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good information about eltcoin. This post is really simple and easy to understand.

Another crypto currency. Good job! This is a very informative review on Eltcoin. Congratulations.

Awesome post, worthy of a resteem. Spread the movement !