T-shirt Design & Copyright Infringement

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T-shirt designers can get into serious legal trouble if they use elements from games, movies, TV shows and games in their prints.

Copyright/trademarks legally prevent t-shirt manufacturers from using other people's works on their shirts for profit.

There seem to be 4 exemptions to copyright/trademark law:
• Personal Use
• The copyright owner has died
• The copied work was created before copyright law existed
• Fair Use

Quotes from copywritten/trademarked works are also off limits. These laws don't just apply to images and logos.

Check trademarks and copyrights at the below websites:
Trademarks - http://tmsearch.uspto.gov/
Copyrights - http://www.copyright.gov/

Articles on copyright law and t-shirt design:

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Copyrights do not expire when a copyright owner dies. The copyright is transferred to the owner's estate. Otherwise a lot more things would be in the public domain.