Starting A Business With Printful

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I learned how to start a tshirt business with Printful and then setup my first Printful dropshipping store back in November 2016. I initially made 21 shirt sales ($387 of sales), having only spent $85 on advertising.

This initial success quickly turned when I proceeded to run lots of Facebook ads on new designs which didn't sell at all, losing me all my profit.

It's time to take a new, serious approach to try and make my printful tshirt store profitable again work.

Current profit margins aren't really sufficient to keep a business running. I need to try and achieve the following:

  1. Discover cheaper marketing options
  2. Find cheaper supplier
  3. Increase conversions

Stay tuned into my future videos to see how my attempts at creating a successful online tshirt store pan out.


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$85 spent and $387 is a nice little return... keep on keepin' on!

Yeah it went really well! I was really happy with the results!