How To Copyright Your Tshirt Design

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Many people ask how to copyright their tshirt designs. The answer is "you don't have to!". When you create an original design then that artwork is automatically covered by copyright protection. Only you have the legal authority to apply that design to a tshirt and sell it for profit.

Other sellers interested in using your designs on their clothing need to have consent from you (the original creator) before they are able to do so. If someone steals your artwork without getting your permission then you are legally authorised to seek compensation.

To officially register your tshirt design with the U.S copyright office then head to It costs $35 and take around 3 months. You only need to do this if you realise that your work has been stolen and you want to make a legal claim.

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There are other good reasons to register your copyrighted design before and not after it's been infringed. You can't sue for compensation for profits that were made before your copyright was registered. You can only get compensated for profits that were made after registration. Without registration, your copyright protection enables you to send a cease and desist notice to get that person to stop copying your work.

That's how I understand it anyway. Consult a legal expert for actual advice.