4 Problems Selling T-Shirts Online

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This is my first upload from DTube since coming over from YouTube. Going to see how this video is received and learn how to use DTube properly over the next few weeks!

Selling t-shirts online can come with plenty of problems. Here are 4 problems I've run into while selling t-shirts online, and how I have solved them.

• Customs Charges - Shipping t-shirts internationally can result in your t-shirt store's customers having to pay an additional customs charge to receive the delivery

• Returns Policy - Using a print on demand t-shirt supplier means that you have to pay every time an order is sent. You will lose money if you allow your customers to return their orders, as you have already paid for it yourself.

• Copyright - You need to be careful not to infringe on copyright protection when designing your t-shirts.

• Marketing - Certain marketing channels can be ineffective for t-shirt stores. I am still exploring different marketing options and will create a video on this in the future.

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► Add t-shirts to your Shopify store with Printful HERE: https://goo.gl/80L1qL

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