The Value of Sleep - Dtube Exclusive

in dtube •  8 months ago 

In the process of trying to get things done, our regular sleep routine tends to reduce significantly. In as much as it may be a good idea to reduced sleep to increase productivity, it can sometimes be counterproductive.
Sleep is very valuable to creativity, when we sleep well, our minds are refreshed big time. It therefore not a good idea not to sleep when necessary.

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yeah, good one!yes take a nap when necessary. good evening


You're right naps are very useful. Thanks

I completely agree with everything you mentioned to be a benefit of getting a good nights sleep but I still go to sleep very late and wake up early.

Steem/dtube madness, I guess :D


I used to do that until I came to a grinding halt. I suddenly couldn't come up with new ideas anymore. But after getting some sleep, I was back, fresher and better.