Episode 1: Focus on Utilitarian Coins

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Daily Crypto-Vlogs

Today marks the first episode of a series I coined, "Spherechain". In these series, I will share my thoughts and passion for decentralization, and the way it affects individuals, and societies. After 5 years of in-depth experience with cryptocurrency, I am finally committed to uploading daily videos to build an audience that feels similar to the way I feel about this transition into the Post-Internet Blockchain Era. This episode focuses on utility and the root of the cryptomarket's value.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor; all my advice should be taken lightly for entertainment purposes only.

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Questions and comments may be quoted and shown in future episodes.

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Whoa! I don't know which one of you gave it that giant like, but thank you <3 ^~^ motivates me to keep uploading content on this amazing platform

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