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RE: 3 Tips To Make Steem Today: Utopian, DTube and Busy

in #dtube3 years ago

You had me cracking up with this 😂😂 This was so entertaining to watch.

Thanks for the shoutout brother! And awesome DTube intro!!! Looking forward to seeing some more of your funny videos 😂👌🏼👍🏼


It was you who inspired me first. Are the two of you cutting and filming together or seperately?

The DTube intro is open source and you can use it too. Check out the DTube repository on You will find this and some others - all to use for free!

Thanks for that man! I loved your implementation and you're freaking hilarious. So we film separately and then usually edit together. I do my thing, and then help @paolajane if she needs it but she's pretty good at it herself.

Thanks man, I'll definitely check that out!

I guess I have to make more of this now. LOL

Hi Spencer,
I would like to say my mind as i've already witnessed how you are turning people's lives around for good. I want you to be my mentor, i am a new comer on steemit.

Best Regards,

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