What do you think about it ? Episode #6 - Childrens | DTUBE Show

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What do you think abouth it is show created on the initiative of Sp-group.
In this show i ask you people of normal everyday things and what do you tjink about it.
Episodes will appear on the Fridays
Comments are welcome :)

Have fun :)

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Haha....congrats on your wedding..and welcome Olivia on the Steem world....keep Steeming along with Dad.

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Thank you very much !

Olivia so cute daughter and I have 11 month daughter. She's like Olivia's skills. She sometimes try to type something from keyboard. She''ll become great steemian with her dad later.

We have great daughters :)

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This is so wholesome <3
Olivia is the best!~


Thank you man :)

I have daughter so I can talk about it!

Lol. I seriously laughed at this moment.

I too have daughter... I too can talk

Haha :D So we can talk about this ;)

hahaha bluescreen rządzi :D
Najmłodsza dtuberka ;)

Green Screen ;)
No jak jeszcze będzie kiedyś steemit to ona na pewno będzie nagrywać ;) :D

Green też był ;) Ja mówię o niebieskim, na końcu :D "She is so smart" :D

A no tak rzeczywiście hehe ;) Zapomniałem o tym :D

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Genialny film @emsonic (końcówka najlepsza).
Pozdrowionka dla Oliwi :)

Dziękuję ;) Oliwia też pozdrawia :)

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Good job @emsonic 👏💪

Thank you :)

Congratulations again! We can see how you are haopy father. Oliwia jest słodka😍 Regards to your family

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Dziękuję mordeczko ;)

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she's awesome!!!! 😍
so sweet, so smart 🤓

Thanks :) She has that from her father :DDDDD

What a great user! ha ha ha

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