Random Vlogs #5 : I Was Diagnosed With Depression at 21

in #dtube5 years ago (edited)

Hey guys.

I haven't been feeling really good lately.
I haven't actually posted a video for a couple weeks because of it.

I want to share with you guys this very personal / deep and scary part of me. I was diagnosed with depression when i was almost 21 years old . This road has been full of ups and downs and i am not going to lie, it is not a fun road at all . But i guess i am here for a reason. That's why i wanted to share my experience with you.

Maybe you are going through something similar to me, or maybe a loved one of yours is, and you want to understand a little bit better. That's why i figured maybe it was a good idea to do this.

So, even though at this very moment, i am not at my best. I might be able to help someone out.
If you suffer from depression or any other mental illness and feel like sharing your experience with me. (or if a loved one of yours do , and you want to talk about it or have any question about it) feel free to comment on this video and we can start a conversation. I would really love it if you talk to me, so that i feel less alone in days like today, and so that you feel less alone too. Maybe this way we can make something good off of this shitty situation we are in.

If you don't wanna to do it through the commends.. feel free to hit me up via private message on Instagram . My handle is @SoyKatOnline.

Thanks a lot for watching , I really appreciate it!

See you all next time!

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El perro negro de la depresión parece que anda bastante libre en esta convulsionada época. Entiendo perfectamente cuando dices que el llevar una enfermedad mental es una camino con altos y bajos que no es nada agradable. Desde hace más de una década yo he venido lidiandola, a veces bien y otras no tanto con tan confusa y polimorfa situación,llevando así los días buenos los días no tan buenos y los días estercoleros. Pero sabes, he leido que realizar cualquier forma de expresión artística es una forma de remediar con esa condición y con cualquier otra que venga de las entrañas de la mente. Hay tantos mitos y desinformación al respecto, yo inclusive he perdido trabajos por esa causa, de eso ya hace varios años, y creo que tu mejor que nadie sabe o que es enfrentarse al mundo cuando llevas la enfermedad sobre tus hombros. Tan solo queda seguir y darnos apoyo entre los que hemos sido tocados de manera sutil por los dioses de la locura. :p

No tengo Instagram pero estoy en muchos servidores de Discord, tal vez en algún momento nos encontremos por allí. Saludos y fuerte abrazo.

I hope you're feeling better. Looks like you haven't posted in a month, so I'm assuming that you're still struggling. I hope that's not the case. Take care Kat!

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