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Wanted to present to you a new crypto I've gotten into. I'm currently mining and "staking" the coin. 8 weeks old and already has a pretty large following.

I suggest taking a look at

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The Gif lol

Its time to pump the price eh? @sowellsvt lols

Nah, I'd rather the price stay ~$.01 for the meantime. I just started mining this coin three days ago so I'm building my bag. What I'd really like to do is get more miners on the US pool so we can hit more blocks. This coin has a 5 bln coin supply. "Pumping" the price would be maybe getting it to 5-6 cents. 5-6 cents when you hold less than 4k isn't really doing yourself justice. I actually enjoy and appreciate the features of this coin @thecynic and could see a really good potential in it in the future. I'm a crypto-lover, not a pump and dumper.


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