Communism Then - Communism Now

in #dtube5 years ago (edited)

Somehow, communism has actually gotten worse as time goes on. We went from highly polished, (mostly) dignified authoritarian socialists of the 20th century giving rallying speeches and singing songs meant to be inspirational, to raving lunatics who can't stand clapping, strong smells, misgendering, and think they can solve problems by yelling at them. For those who think that "Real Communism Hasn't Been Tried Before," the answer to that question is yes it has been tried before. And now, an even worse version of it has cropped up, with the useful idiots of the Left thinking that the "second verse" won't be the same as the first verse. All the while, they can't even sing in-tune with one another, less they "offend" and "trigger" their fellow "comrades."


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