Smashing open rocks looking for crystals inside

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Ive come across many large rocks, I usually dont bother with them. As I find them far away from my vehicle and would require a long trek back to the truck. Occasionally I find medium sized rocks with crystals on or appear to be in them. I keep these in a bucket and save them for my sledgehammer.

If I had a stone cutting saw id probably just cut them but since I do not have such tools I smash them open. While I do this many interesting patterns are found inside and I show off what I see as I find it.

A few minutes in the video I need to put my work gloves on, as the sharp Silica was cutting my hands open. I was surprised how sharp it was, but found some gloves and carried on.

These rocks I broke into smaller pieces are good for parts of my garden, and sometimes I got lucky and the crystals broke off in a smaller piece to save for my collection.

I took many rocks from Graves Mountain and the Diamond Hill Mine and cracked them open. Mostly rocks from Graves Mountain only had minerals inside. Though the rocks from Diamond Hill mine had terminated crystals and other silica quartz crystals. Iron can be seen as brown and rust colored stains in the rocks. The region has alot of iron in it, just like the clay all around the area. Known as red Georgia clay, the iron is found in many crystals and rocks as well. Other minerals can be seen such as manganese which appears black on the crystals and rocks.

At the end of the video I show off some of the pieces I broke off, and turned a few dozen large stones into buckets of small rocks for landscape decorating.

Its been awhile since ive done a #fridaysrock post, so figured this video would be a good entry.

















thanks @nevlu123 for the animation

#rockhound #rocks #crystals #sledgehammer #minerals

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very nice for you post

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@rayhan111 thanks alot

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This is an awesome Fridaysrock post and good to see you playing it safe!



@snowyknight thanks alot, yeah gotta wear hand and eye protection :)

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Heck yeah! Life is better with eyes!

Crystal splinters are the worst man. More painful than wood.

I just got some Graves Mountain Lazurite from my miner friend. Ever come across it? IMG_1944.jpg


@rt395 hah yeah sure are, was not expecting them to be so sharp. Yeah I've gotten some Lazurite from Graves Mtn it's usually a bright blue color. Though I only found flakes of it in a big stone, similar to what's in your photo. They have some great boulders with lazurite in it but good luck getting them back home.

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