SteemDance - Watch Me Do *Class Version*

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SteemDance has become a very successful series on Steemit. Even if people do not recognize my blog, they still remember me as a dancer. Two weeks ago I attended a dance class after a break of 4 months. My team and I are working 24/7 and there isn´t enough time to take or give any dance classes at the moment. Of course you have seen me freestylin´ but dancing a choreography is a total different thing. I had not planned to post this video because this is just footage that @lisadang filmed when we were practicing the steps but I thought this is what passion is all about. 

Its not about perfectionism. Even professional dancers have to practice so it might be interesting for you to see a video of me learning new steps instead of killing them. 

Since we came late to the class, we only had less than 40 minutes to learn this routine. Most members of the class have already learned the choreography which made the difference that the trainer rushed through the steps to add some more movements at the end. Not only my body was sweating, my brain was sweating as well but it felt great! I love to be challenged

Shoutout to the choreograph who created this routine. -> Click here for his Instagram

Thanks for watching

Stay focused

Love, Soldier

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That was really impressive, seems you've improved a lot lately.

I used to watch the Urban Dance Camp videos on youtube some time ago, reminded me a lot of those. Have you watched those? ^^


Of course I did!! Urban Dance Camp is one of the most popular dance camps in the world!


Ahh, hehe guess I don't know enough about dancing to have known that. :D

Of course, it's successful. Hot ladies dancing and showing great skills.
Who would not watch it))

This is great move.
I can barely move myself.
I have seen you guys in previous post with @sirwinchester
really cool.
Keep on steemin'

You are amazing.
I will personally learn a lot from you and really appreciate your content.
Keep it up.


Thanks you so much! Appreciate it

This is wonderful dance dear @soldier
I really impress to your best steem dance. Very good creativity. Thanks for share


Thank you, appreciate it

you are beautiful


Thank you!


Wow...Amazing video
You're a great dancer, although I'm not much of a dancer, but i love good dancers. Thanks for this @soldier


Dancing is for everybody. If you like to perform or to watch it. It´s the universal language that everyone understands :)


Yea, Dancing most times brings out the true feeling of a person. It communicates in numerous languages, and that is why it is so special.


Honestly... me neither... seems like dancing is not just my thing..

Hello my friend! I really need to catch up on your blog soon...Hope all is fine on your side!
Warm greetings from Mauritius!


Hi there! Nice to hear from you again, how is Mauritius?

No other way to say this, let me use my language "o mo she" which means you can do it

Dance an art and culture


Thank you so much! What language do you speak?


Yoruba and you?

sexy girl i like it


Thx :)

Just after my short night of sleep, because the party we had Yesterday... I can say that watching your dance make me happy and gives me energy to start this Day.
Wish that we had more woman who could dance this way, it is joy to watch and makes me want to dance as well...

nice post

A very beautiful picture is really a wonderful girl Ante
A very special article was well done

You are beautiful... @soldier

Great content.i like dtube video.
Thanks for sharing beautiful dance.
Upvote resteemit done

Wow!!! you are incredible energy!!!😍
Don't mind mam... you are looking really hot 👌

Don't stop @soldier

You are APPRECIATED by many!



You dance very well, your team is ok too. But whether you can traditional dance. With classical music and equipment. You have a good talent, your body is very flexible. I'd love to see you in american got talent or another talent show. Thank you for presenting your dancing talents, I am comforted by it.

You know what? I think you can dance.. Fun to watch you go through the routine. You're definitely feeling it. Brava! :-) Thanks for sharing your talent and skills with us.

How beautiful she is ?

Well hot dang Missy, you sure can throw down. I have a question if you do not mind. Are you in a constant state of sore and ache after a learning a routine like this? or do you just get used to it after time? Thank you for the great video.

You're a dancer @soldier. Pretty impressive with you figure.
Just excellent.

a very good choreography and a beautiful dancer is the perfect combination, thanks for sharing, beautiful,

My eyes just witnessed greatness

This was lovely... I'm always delighted and at the same time sad to watch someone or people dancing well. Perhaps, because I am a terrible dancer.. I get real jealous of good dancers like you

But you're good at dancing n very beautiful too.

Single, aye? I hope you are... Lol...

But well done tho

I would like to learn to dance to do it with you in that way

Wow! Beautiful girl. Great dacing

am a terrible dancer.. I get real jealous of good dancers like you

But you're good at dancing n very beautiful too.

Wow watching your dance moves is a great gift for me,such an extreme talent you have.

Great post! @lisadang did a great choreography You two look good as a team ! Best wishes to you always :D

Class Version is awesome really i enjoyed it a lot,see you soon @soldier.

No doubt SteemDance has become a very successful series on Steemit,great in fact i am so proud of this.

really art photography post...
thanks for sharing...

Fantastic photography
Amazing photography.thanks for the this blog.

wow.....excellent photo & post. looks very beautiful.

its great......i impressed to see your post......

images (2).png

That is great
you are beautiful

Yes i agree with you steemdance is trending a lot mow its all because of @soldier.


What? No Will I Am? #SHM :)

wow I have been impressed, it really is very good

Wonderful to see that you always amaze us :D that was wonderful thanks for sharing

Great video.
Regards ;)

Cool. I would like to ask if you can give me advice on how to improve my reputation?

Aye I can see how dancing in a class can be so much of a buzz as you feed of other dancers energy as well. Glad you are still able to enjoy it and dance is still in your blood.

Thanks for sharing.

I often ask people, "If money didn't matter, what would you do every day?" Which is really a question about passion. Sadly, a lot of people don't know the answer. I think it is safe to say you would dance, and probably do, everyday. Your passion for dance is in even video you post.

nicht schlecht, nicht schlecht. Auch spannend wie sich der Tanz entwickelt hat, gerade in Kombination mit dem Internet. Schon beeindruckend was für eine Community Tänzer aufbauen können. Zu den 2 Millionen Abonennten die ein WilldaBeast Adams hat, hast du noch Luft nach oben.

Aber du magst ja challenges :D - Viel Spaß noch weiterhin auf Steemit. Bin gespannt was aus Appics wird.

Nice moves!