SteemDance Is Back! International Challenge *Announcement*

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After 3 months of waiting, I am finally back with SteemDance! 

I know you guys have been messaging me where my dance series have been but the wait is over. I was very busy traveling and working during the last few months and I literally haven´t danced at all! From 3 times a week to a full break of 3 months. You can tell, it was tough because I have never experienced such a long break since I started dancing 10 years ago. I love being an entrepreneur and being able to travel around the world but it is sometimes hard to follow your passion when your schedule is full of learning how to build an empire. 

Today I decided that the wait is finally over. My heart needs the music and so does my soul. Dancing really helps me to clear my mind and forget about the momentum. It has always been the passion that led me to happiness no matter what happened in life. 

But this wasn´t everything yet...

Since my followers come from all over the world, I thought to create an international challenge so everyone of you can participate but don´t be scared. You don´t have to dance, you´ll get the chance to be a part of my next video. 

How does the International Challenge work?

Dancing is the universal language that everybody can understand. I grew up multi cultural and travelled to many countries around the globe. This is the reason why I love different cultures and different styles of music. Now it´s your turn. I want you to decide and pick to which song I should perform next. It does not matter if its Spanish, Turkish, Korean, Chinese, English, French or whatever you like me to dance to. Choose your favorite song and I´ll be picking one number out of the comment section below. 

If I didn´t pick your favorite one, don´t worry. You´ll have the next chance after every SteemDance video that I am going to post starting today! Of course I will be mentioning the Steemian who inspired me, so this is going to be a little shoutout as well!


When I got to the gym today, I put on a random playlist and explored some french music. This really inspired me to do this challenge. I went directly to the changing room and jumped in the car to find a place to shoot the first episode of the International Challenge but this was a little disaster. Since the weather is going crazy during the last few weeks, my whole body was freezing like I was in Antarktika. You do not see any snow but believe me, those minus degrees and storms made it very difficult to focus or even move one step out of the comfortable car! 

You realize it is your passion when you do everything to make it happen! Even though I was freezing, I still shot at least 1 minute of freestyle without knowing anything of this song. This is pure freestyle without any plans. Even the ground was frozen and bumpy... 

Since it was so cold, I had no second or third shot to improve my skills. I am a perfectionist which isn´t a good thing at all because no one is perfect. But I decided to still use it as an example so you can imagine how the dance video would look like in your favorite language!

I can not wait to get back into the studio and create some new routines for you! I will switch between freestyle and choreography! 

Thanks for watching

Stay focused

Love, Soldier 

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This is wonderful dance dear @soldier
I really impress to your best steem dance. Very good creativity. Thanks for share

Thank, appreciate your support :)

You are welcome my friend, I have a new post, do not forget to visit ya, let me add the spirit in steemit.

@soldier, Amazing dance steps you followed. I know you've besty dance skills and know some various cultures dance styles. You given extra ordinary explained there.

Dancing is the universal language that everybody can understand.

Absolutely I agree with you this time. Dancing wanna better communication step for understand each others. I confirmly tell others that, If you're prefer to dancing follow @soldier's steps. Sure....You can find superior dance styles. Have a dancing day.

Thank you, appreciate it!!

Woohooo.....Amazing...Totally amazing dancing by you @soldier. And excellent description there. Thank you for sharing.

Thanks! :-)

great it shows that it is very cold, it is incredible

It was so cold! After this 1 minute of dancing, both of my hands were frozen


wow so nice dance. it's relay great.

Glad you enjoyed it !

freestyle dance is really awesome to see it is looking fantastic :)

Thank you :)

So much intelligent.....

thanks for sharing about this dear just saw you video this is really awesome you know each beat perfect :)

Thanks so much... Glad you like it

time to dance like no one cares and be in the rhythm :)

Well said, let´s go 🎉

Steemdance is about to get global this is awesome you are leading there from the front

This would be incredible

Nice dance you are leading by an example that was superb :)

Thanks :-)

great shows it is!

Glad you like it :)

wow that dance video was really amazing really awesome moves you nailed it :)

This was just a sneak peak. The better ones will follow :)

spreading the word further this is going to be awesome this time around the whole community will be joining in the big movement

Finally 🙌🏼

dancing in a universal language you said it better than anyone else dance unite us this is going to be wonderful :)

Thank you my dear friend :)

Great to see that steem dance is back,never know about it,thank you so much for letting us known.

Glad you like it. SteemDance was created by me when I joined Steemit 1,5 years ago. I am so happy to finally bring it back to you guys

Amazing see you the talent you have.You are a blogger,fitness trainer and dancer,you bring such an amazing blog posts for us every time,glad to be here.

Thank you my dear :)

Soldier you are vibrations of passionate expression! Well done.

On that challenge, I thought it might have some to do with Appics. I think you should consider expanding on it. Following up on the recent dance video presentation from @appics I really think the project could build on the buzz created already.

Make it a global challenge for people to upload themselves dancing, either to the song selected or one of a few from a list. It would really give you a true understanding of where and who is the most passionate. It would also generate more hype around Appics ICO and also work to build the community.

Uma herself identified that South Korea is Appics biggest community. Humans from this region are well aligned with self expression in many forms, from playful to serious self expression. It would certainly give them the platform to begin what they might become on the actual platform of Appics when it is released. Appics benefiting by catering to the right audience. Community builds.

That's what I observe.

Thank you for this incredible input. South Korea is actually Appics biggest community at the moment and I can not wait for the future....
I will think about your ideas for sure, great inspiration

Amazing dance . Appreciate that. And the way you described your journey is remarkable. No matter wether ground was bumpy but you did a good job.

Thanks a lot !!

Its alright😄

This is wonderful dance dear @soldier
I really impress to your best steem dance
Very good...... upvote and rsteem

Appreciate it, thanks

I hope to see you someday in @DLive, you be livestreaming your routines would be so awesome! <3 Keep it up @soldier, we salute you! :)

That is actually a great idea! I would love to do a livestream showing some routines of mine...

welcome back , happy to see u again

Thank you :-)

w0w w0w W0w good to see you. this is superbbbb my dear. hope we will get more like this in future​. keep going like that. stay happy

SteemDance is back! I will try to record as much footage as possible

yeahhhhh i am waiting impatiently lolxxxx

this is really great i can feel the excitement from now on this is going to be epic thanks for sharing


Wow this is cool dance just make anyone come alive :) this i the best thing you did today @soldier

Thanks, appreciate it

You really have a true passion about dance and if one is really passionate and have a true zeal and enthusiasm then you can't take care of any obstacles...I really appreciate your effort

That is true. Its one of my biggest passions and I dance whenever I can, even in the grocery store :P


So glad to see you doing your thing again, waited for this fot long.

How do i reach you dear?
You arent on steemit chat

I host a show tgif with @jeaniepearl i do interview a steemit celebrity and so many other intetesting program,i will like you to be my next guest, the interview is usually held as a chat then i edit and post.

My last guest was @paradise.found you can check it out here

I am on My username is the same as here :)

Thanks dear
I have left you a message

Wonderful to watch Dtube video. I'm wondering to see your cool dance steps. Perfectly qualified you every dancing competitions. Go ahead mam @soldier.

Glad you enjoyed the video.

It's unbelievable dancing..
You've such a best experience and also you've comfortable body for dancing. Totally calm. Keep going @soldier.

Thanks for the kind words :)

That is indeed great and will be looking forward to it !By the way liked the video nice moves you got there !That long break did nothing of sort to your moves !

Well was really going through the playlist and found this one to suggest
little slow but I kinda like it

Hi dear, you told me to reach you on steemitchat but you havent replied my message
Please kindly do me the honour of replying,time is not by my side

Thanks in advance



Dance !! Relay so nice my friend !

great shows and welcome back :D

I am loving how you just dance wherever you are lol keep up the awesome content!