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I´ve been taking my #BecomeHealthy challenge very serious during the last few months. While visiting the gym constantly, I realized that my mind got stronger as well. I am able to get anything done what I want because I already made it! Currently I am starting to see some results and this is what keeps me going. Once you see results, it´s becoming an addiction!

I have received a lot of question on how I managed to stay focused and motivated all the time. Well, I see fitness like a relationship. You can not cheat on it and expect it to work. You can literally say - I wanted to marry my dreams. So I cheated on fear and broke up with my doubt! Limitations only exist in your head. When you feel like quitting, remind yourself why you started! I strive to always become the best version of myself and beat the old me but it is hard to beat someone who never gives up! 


I hope that I can inspire you to get up and work for anything you want in life because no one else is going to do it for you. You need to push yourself unless you will never know your limits! 

I want to inspire other people. I want someone to look at me and say "Because of you I didn´t give up!". When you start today doing what others won´t... Then tomorrow you can do what other´s can´t! 


I am still not used to take the camera with me outside of my comfort zone called home. I am used to sit in front my laptop and write tons of blogposts but going out, filming myself in front of many unknown people is definitely a challenge. But I want to improve my skills and make progress in becoming stronger and better! 

Have you been to the gym this week?

Thanks for watching

Stay focused

Love, Soldier 

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Wake up in the morning.
In the morning, there should be a habit of sleeping. In particular, pure air in the morning creates calmness in every person's mind and helps to stay in the workforce all day.

It's a great habit and you should keep up with it))
Indeed, there is no change if there is no challenge.

Wow! Great post ma'am.
You are so talented.
I love your post. 😍 😍 😍
Amazing gym video.
Fitness is so important in our busy life.
You are my inspiration ma'am.

Thanks @soldier for sharing this post.

Upvoted + resteemed your post.

You look so happy when you working out!
My face always looks like this 😫 when I exercise haha

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mine too D:

Wow....what awesome gym tasking video clip @soldier. You improve your skills & progress. Much stronger come to track. I'm glad to see it. Every time try to keep better fitness.

If we have spend some time to spend for exercises will get more advantages our life. It seems from your dtube video. You active and faster early morning. Fabulous stuff @soldier.

@soldier, You strongly active mentally and physically. Gym activities increase our healthy indeed body condition. We can do every hard work after develop physical condition. Then after auto developing our mentally condition. If mental condition increase sure can find succeed. Your Dtube video awesome driving and gym activities.

Yes you are very right that we should not cheat on our work because finally we have to bear the brunt. Please give us more tips on health. I like your series on health.

Any kinds of challenge is interesting for us... When it is gym and fitness challenge its more interesting and fabulous.... Your background music is awesome... Love it... @soldier

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My goal talking about gym is simple i want to have too much force hehehe. Regards

It's fun to enjoy. Awesome video! I love you dtube!

Have a wonderful day @soldier!

Wow thanks for the encouragement, I really needed it. When am in the gym I always find it difficult to continue like if I set a tasks for today or don't carry that tasks out which always make me sad. I want to be able to go to the gym and workout without having another mind or been discouraged. When you have inspire me be focus Nd remind strong. Thanks alot. What a wonderful and motivational post

increase Drink moderately water.

A healthy person needs to drink 2-3 kg of water daily. It helps in blood circulation in the body. If you have to go well then do not need to drink the standard water. The name of water on the is Life

Wow,, that's a good work, I like your post
Thanks @soldier

Living a good life It is imperative to have a routine life in the life of a human being. Disorderly life is
physically and emotionally hurt. Can be in danger
#Finally, I can say that it is not possible to explain the values of being healthy in a small area. Still
trying to understand a few things briefly. Hope you enjoy my writing.es day by day. And the
of disease increases and increases.

Everyone wished for healthy life style and healthy and best figure but some who are passionate achieve that thing. I went few times but couldn't be regular due to my busy schedule. Good post

No mam i didn't star but i'll star soon... & i have tosay mam that you maintained body really well. you have really amazing figure.👍

people of back front who did not success will say these type of talk and poked by different bad instruction ,,,for why life did not stop,,new ambitious people go in the upward and carry the reward and showed them ,,,that's the challenge of life,,
you do same ,,,Bravo!!!
thanks for inspiring others..
like it,,and @upvoted you

Gym on the to do list...

Thanks @soldier for the inspiration!



Very motivating! Stay working hard, good things will come

Thanks for this motivational words!
Yeah exercise keeps you healthy and active!
Don't out focus it ever!



may you succeed in life

appreciate your blog...best of luck...Because Health Related secret informative Needed for everyone and every single man.

So thanks for share this and also carry on this job please.

This is really challenging hope this can change me.

Yes those who give up do feel some kind of repentance at a point of their life. Good to see you inspiring others to stay healthy. You are right, only a person himself can do not others will do it for him.

time to be on the consistent level and do exercise daily :)

G Y M D A Y: I D E A L O O K S A W E S O M E.

@soldier this is amazing work from you have a great day.

Going to gym is a great way to stay healthy and fit. I haven't been at gym for a month now due to my hectic work schedule. I am still trying to figure out and resume it as soon as possible.

Fitness can be the greatest addiction, @Soldier. Your video does inspire me as I try to get back in shape with basketball and in life. Your music in the car is dancing music that turn people on towards victory, success, like nothing else. Makes me dance, sing, and party, like Spice Girls telling me what I want.

My last visit to the gym which was my first I was do eager to try new equipment and I still remember having muscle pain for 2 days after. I thought I won't be heading there for a while but I feel motivated

Good luck i like your work

Looking amazing

Great dtube post..
Thanks for sharing this life...
I appreciate your blog...best of luck

Getting back to the gym has been the best thing for me . Physically , mentally and emotionally , I’ve never been happy with my body but working hard everyday is putting me to ease and making me strive for better . Great to see you !!

You did a great job making this video and I know how you feel because making videos like this where there are a lot of people around makes me really nervous too. I always think of making working out videos outside or in gym, but it is very hard for me to do it where there are people.
Always enjoying your posts especially your videos.

yes you are right...everybody should maintains their body

Wonderful post

I really like this post