Cheetah pacing up and down - caged, looking all depressed and ready to pounce

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At 120km/hr i am not your average animal, i have a title belt - the fastest animal on earth. My present location is at the Nairobi National Park in Kenya, i am a caged animal. I do not like it here, but atleast you get to see me up close. i am pacing up and down because i am restless, i belong in the wild, my home. I like to hunt antelopes and some other small animals for food, i like fresh meat but in here i eat whatever meat is thrown my way.
My human friends are amazed at how my body frame looks, i am dashing male in his prime. this frame and my long tail helps me run and balance at those world record speeds - Usain Bolt has got nothing on me. i could do a 100 metres in under 6 seconds!
My hobby is eating and sleeping, i occasionally have a chat with my friends lion across the other side but they are pretty boring because they sleep the whole day.

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The fastest land animal on earth, not any animal. The Peregrin Falcon is faster than the Cheetah :P

Just to be nitpicky.

Oh yeah, i checked it out the falcon is pretty damn fast! I should have said the fastest mammal. Thanks max

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