Can You Feel The Love Tonight // Elton John cover

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After a few long weeks we are ready to present the first (of hopefully many) videos like this.


For a very long time i have wanted to take the next step in my content creation and that was hard to do with the price of Steem going down. When the price is going down the effort to create high quality videos remains the same but the rewards never seem to be worth taking out to invest into something greater.
@heimindanger talked about something in his @dtube announcement post a few days ago which really reached to me.

It is a wake up call when the founder of Dtube, my platform of choice on STEEM openly says that the effort of content creators is lacking nowadays. I know that is due to the STEEM mechanics that highly encourage the creators to create as much as they can without ever putting in more effort, expanding ideas, trying something new.

It started to look like that content has been created for the sake of volume, Dtube upvotes, rather then the sake of the content.

I have also fallen into that same rut even if i have tried to lift my content quality by applying greenscreen learning better audio production, etc. But after time i started to see that i was in a position with no goal.

How do i move forward if all i ever do is make the same type of videos without ever taking the next step.


But for that i would need a little help with the funding. I just didnt have the resources, equipment or skill to create a complete music video.
I looked to Discord and tried talking to a few people that have in the past been very community oriented, but i always knew it was a long shot.
It was a bit embarrassing if im being honest, asking others for help like this haha :) but fortunately i was extremely lucky to run into @mariusfebruary, a steemian that has been supporting me and a number of musicians and content creators for a while now.

Without his donation i dont think this would have happened any time soon.

@beyonder Youtube channel

After that i could go up to the amazing, the one and only hehe, @beyonder and tell him that we are a go. He is a brilliant music producer i respect greatly and i knew he would always create something from his side that was in the top echelons of quality.
I would do my part with singing and playing but i did not have the know-how or the skill to make a proper quality looking video
But with the donation received and some fiat i have saved on the side we finally have a product we can be proud off.


The idea behind this video was to create a quality piece of content that could be competitive on platforms like youtube tied into the release of "Lion King" movie to ride the wave of interest into music that is associated to the movie. (How well we succeeded is for the audience to decide) and to that we would add a few other things so if the video did do well, that would promote Steem and its community.

We added a short credits at the end of the video with the logos of the top Steem dapps: @dtube, @3speak, @steemhunt, @steemmonsters, @steempress, @steemit.
With the video annotation leading to my steemit blog.


The song itself has seen a bit of adjustment. The song is faster then the original, ofc violin added, with a higher pitch and @beyonder added a pause with a modulation on the "climax part" of the song. The track itself was created completely from scratch by Beyonder with his own original ideas for the track..
We wanted to add a bit more power to it so i hope we succeeded.

This is our first attempt at this and ofc we will need more practice to make everything perfect, hehe, but eventually i think we will get everything right and that this was a good start.

Hope you guys enjoy and ill see you soon.

Ill be more free during the coming months so you will be seeing much more videos.

PS: We will be uploading to Dtube through a Youtube link and every like, comment and view helps. We will be sharing this on every social media platform we know of so everything helps to get this video seen.

I love you all and see you soon. :D

We managed to acquire the licence to distribute this song. You can find the song on the following sites.







▶️ DTube
▶️ YouTube


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Marica put her heart into this cover! Congratulations! This has been quite a project!

Thank you Vladimir. :)

Couldnt done it without you. :)

Well that's a bit different than what I'm used too. Proper videos now!... Wooo...

Hehe. This takes work and money to make so if i manage one of these every few months ill be happy. :)

Yeah I bet it does, still my fave is that Whitney song you did about 2 years ago...,

Which one? I have nothing? I wasnt here 2 years ago. hehe.

That's it, I may have been exaggerating a little .. time-wise ;)

Its ok. Well, theres time to do songs like that properly as well.
I know this video wont do "amazingly" on youtube but even though there might be songs that are bigger, and "I have nothing" is a huge song, just being a part of a process that looks at least a bit similar to what the big youtubers do, was exciting.

Good luck! Hope everything will good!

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