Crazy - Patsy Cline (Willie Nelson original)

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Hey guys!

This is the last song i will be doing this week. A new week is coming and new songs. Currently trying to make some connections in the music world, working on a few songs and working on spreading my reach while im looking for ways to monetize my content even more. :)

@gray00 gave me some advice about referal links and even though it never even occurred to me that could earn anything really, lol, ill still give it a shot. Right now only with Coinbase and Binance but when i figure out how Amazon referrals work i will be adding that as well, because who knows. I might earn a dollar or two there as well. hehe.

Hope you dont mind them. :)

If you want to support my content even more you can always use some of my referral links or support me on Patreon. :)

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This is one of my favorite songs. Thanks for the post. I really enjoyed listening. (several times!) I included it in my most recent post, Interesting Links: June 3, 2019, and set the beneficiary rewards so that you will receive 5% of the rewards when it closes.

Oh hey Remlaps. Thx. :)

And thx for dropping by, i just delegated a bit to Classical-radio. Was dumb of me to forget. :(

Excellent track ! I've been thinking about a lot of ways creators can earn more for their work. Maybe having a video sharing platform that is decentralized and takes no fees would be possible in the future.

I dont mind fees. Im just trying to find out how to get to a point where i could say that content creation is a viable source of income. By itself i cant expect much, but maybe with those additional things....