Playing one of the strangest instruments out there // Theremin

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In a couple days im having a concert with one of the strangest instruments out there. Theremin.

The way you play it is by using two antennas and moving your hands in open air. Its a very strange feeling when i tried it.

The musician playing it was kind to let us all give it a shot. All i managed to do is make some noise. haha.
Ill share that video below and him properly playing it. hehe.
It was quite an experience as a classical musician trying something like this out. You dont get much chance to see something different when you are in this field of work.

For more info on Theremin check wikipedia since i dont know how it works exactly.

And congratz to everyone on HF21. I hope this changes things for the better. :)

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The theremin is so cool. I'm a fan, though I don't think I've heard all that much music that uses it. Nice wails :)

Well you can play many things on it. There isnt much music written specifically for the Theremin but it can replace a solo instrument in a concert apparently. :)

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Ha, that is one weird sounding instrument! I only know it from Sci-Fi soundtracks or from some spooky stuff! I would have to say that weirdest thing would be the lack of tactile feedback from the instrument itself!

That's pretty amazing and reminded me of Futurama. Ever seen that show?

Unfortunately, I could only find this short, Russian, clip. Funny enough, in my memory it was the main character, a guy called 'Fry' playing some kind of magical flute called a 'Theremin' but in this clip you see so called Dr. Zoidberg, who's a lobster, playing a theremin haha...

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