Varoa mite treatment with MiteGone Pads

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Varoa mite treatment with MiteGone Pads

Hi Steembeeks. Thanks for joining us.

Now is the time to treat for mites if you have determined a need. Never treat what dose not need treatment. This leads to a wast of money, resources and resistance to the chosen treatment. Especially true with pharmaceutical's.

Fallow the directions of your chosen treatment. For good results this is essential both for a good treatment and reducing contamination of your comb and bees.

Formic acid is our choice for mite treatment.

  1. It is a naturally occurring chemical in the hive.
  2. Kills both of the mites that infest hives tracheal and varoa.
  3. Stimulates hygienic behaviour.
  4. Considered organic by all certification organizations.
  5. It Works
  6. It's easy one trip to the hive with MiteGone. Blast systems several. No special gadgets. Just a respirator and rubber gloves. These are important formic vapours will damage your lungs. If you have a breeze in the yard you can learn to avoid the vapours. Best to use the respirator. Be sure to have water on hand but with prefilled pad the need is minimal.
  7. Repels hive beetles. see for details.
  8. Some points on settup.

    • Use solid bottom boards. screened bottom boards let all the acid leak out. No pool of acid vapours on the bottom board means the mites will not be killed and all your work wasted.
    • There should be no holes in the hive to let acid vapour escape except for the reduced entrance on the bottom board.
    • Use carpet for inner covers. This gives you the best seal. If you don't have them be sure the wood edges are clean for the best seal you can get.Use a sheet of plastic to help keep the vapour's in.
  9. See for more details.

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My brother uses formic acid in MAQS, Mite Away Quick Strips. He likes it, but he also suspects that it kills a few queens every year. He also said that his mid-summer mite infestation was worse this year than ever before.


Not heard of good results with MAQS. I personally have never used them only MiteGone and meat pads. I have a long time mentor that has deliberately tried to kill a queen with the blast method and has never been able to do so. I would be looking at other reasons. I do know there has been a lot of roamers floating around but personally have not seen it.

I worked for a long period of time with the creator of MiteGone in his beekeeping operation. We never experienced any losses with his pads. He treated in the spring with two pads and 3 in the fall. Hard to get enough mites for a descent count in his operation. I never seen any CCD in my operation and without any treatment. This change when the Dairy operations No more food in the summer in my area. I then started to CCD losses went from 20% to 40% in the first year of the change. Industry norm was 30% and up. My mentors 10%

Mostly because the are stock producers and go into winter with new queens each year. Bill mr MiteGone treated 2 a year. John once a year. The video is putting MiteGone in to Johns hives.