Today I will share with you a famous dish in northern China: braised chicken wings

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Ingredients that need to be prepared:
1: chicken wings (500 g); 2: ginger (8-12 g); 3: shallot (5-15 g); 4: garlic (5-13 g); 5: red pepper (5-7 g); 6: salt (10-15 g); 7: cooking wine (10-20 ml); 8: rock sugar (5-8 g).
1: First, soak the chicken wings in clean water for 10-15 minutes, then wash them and then fish them out for use;
2: Cut the opening on the chicken wing with a knife, please do not cut it off (reference picture or video);
3: Pour the water into the pot and put in: chicken wings, shallots, ginger slices and cooking wine. After the fire is boiled, remove the chicken wings and wait for use;
4: Add the vegetable oil in the pot to heat up to 20%, add rock sugar, and slowly fry the rock sugar with a small fire (the temperature of the vegetable oil should not be too high);
5: Then put in chicken wings, stir fry for 2-4 minutes on medium heat, put in: red pepper, shallot, ginger and garlic, continue to stir fry for 3 minutes, then add water (not too much water);
6: First use medium heat to cook for 8 minutes, add salt, cover the lid and continue to stew for 10 minutes;
7:Finally it is finished after 5 minutes of stewing with a large fire;
Matters needing attention: 1: Must first soak the chicken wings with water for 10-15 minutes, which can effectively remove the blood of the chicken wings itself; 2: When cutting the opening with the knife on the chicken wings, do not cut it off (reference picture or video) 3: When using vegetable oil to fry rock sugar, be sure to use a small fire, and continue to stir fry the sugar; 4: How much can be added according to your preference (listing is for reference only); 5: First use medium heat to cook for 8 minutes, add salt, cover the lid and continue to stew for 10 minutes.You should use the medium fire when you start to cook the chicken wings. Finally, use the fire to dry the soup.
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