Unboxing Video - Mene for @welshstacker

in dtube •  2 months ago

My buddy from across the pond, @welshstacker, has been wanting to purchase some Mene for a while now and he received two items from @kouloumos and @goldmatters in his Steem Silver Round re-shipment. Fully hooked, he wanted some more pieces, but the price of shipping has been prohibitive for many international buyers. He contacted me about getting some help with this and I was more than happy to assist with shipping.

He has ordered a few other pieces and I am still compiling his order before it gets shipped to him later this week or next week!

This piece was a beautiful Capricorn charm! As you can tell I am not up to the time on the Zodiac signs. The only one I am aware of is Sagittarius, since that is my sign! :D

I hope you enjoy the video! If you are interested in ordering some Mene, but live overseas contact me on Discord at (sevinwilson#5606) and I may be able to help you!

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Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

That was very enjoyable. Man you removed that ribbon and opened that box with two smooth gestures and I'm still trying to figure out how you did that! Shwip, shwap, dap.

Another mene unboxing by the sevinwilsons!! Resteemed!


Thank you!!! I need to upload some more!!

Love you too man. Thanks for doing this, like I said, I'll make it worth your time and effort.

Going back to your question... The answer is all of the above, but you definitely need to be hitting those weights!! You almost got beat by a cardboard box. L 😂😂😂😂

If it's not TOO much trouble, I was hoping to keep ordering stuff, so there really is no rush to package them off to me.

Did you get the platinum "K" aswell?

Thanks again buddy. You're a good man.


It has arrived!! I’ll work on gettin my it shipped out today/tomorrow!!!


Can you hold off for a while? I'd like to get a few more.