Menē Unboxing Special With PryBar

in #dtube2 years ago

The unboxing video you have all been waiting for!

Okay, that might be a little optimistic but I believe you will find this one quite entertaining!

@goldmatters recently texted me that this item was out of stock because of me and he might be right!

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LOL YES!!!! Man I love those 24k Mene dice!! Thank God I sent you that reminder when they came back in stock because now they are sold OUT. I want @goldfashioned to do a Compilation video of you opening the mene bag, that would be hilarious .Thanks so much for your enduring support of Mene, I know you are excited as I am to see $MENEF start trading :)

That would be the funniest video ever! I wonder how long I have spent just trying to open that blue bag? I would guess probably or definitely an hour over the past year!

I can’t wait for it to start trading! I need to pick some up!!!!!

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Oh the platinum dice. Very.... nice.

Thank you sir!! It is one of my favorites!!

Haha congrats on your dice @sevinwilson! The pry bar did the trick on that box, but you're right, that little bag is the toughest to get into! We need to invent a Menē blue bag opener 😂😂

Maybe I needed a mini pry bar to open up the little blue bag!! Thing is tricky! Or maybe someone needs to shoot a how to video!!

SWEEEEEETTTTTT!!!! very nice Mr Wilson. Think I might have to add a dice to my 2019 stacking goals. Thanks for the unboxing, first person to open it with a chainsaw gets my respect.

Thank ya @welshstacker!! You should get one! They are so perfect!

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