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CPAC has to be one of the strangest events of the year. We present our super cut of the most bizarre moments of the spectacle.

#cpac2019 #cpac #wtf

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YA crazy who can keep up to all this. One thing though Trump really defused the North Korea crisis

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Sadly, it is not so much anymore about conservatism (classical liberalism) but now it is more about right-wing identity politics and collectivism.

its funded by george soros (left wing hungarian jewish man) conservatism has been bought and hasnt conserved anything in decades

I do not find opinions based on conspiracy theories and illogical grounds as serious ones

That sentence doesn't really make sense but i think i understand what your trying to write. Major donors to PFAW include George Soros' Open Society Institute. Why would people from PFAW be all over CPAC and why would they have adverts about supporting Israel all over?

People for the American Way
People For the American Way (PFAW) is a liberal advocacy group in the United States. Organized as a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization, PFAW was registered in 1981 by the television producer Norman Lear who founded the organization in 1980 to challenge the Christian right agenda of the Moral Majority.

I do not understand. You mean that a liberal organization is attending CPAC and that CPAC is funded by Soros? Do you have any harder evidence than Wikipedia?

There is more evidence below. Follow the links. Yes its a shame there alot of RINO's in the republican party and really they are standing in the way of a real right wing movement. Its the same in the UK. The "Conservative" Party recently explained that there will be a law in 2020 that children will have to learn about trannys and the difference between a tranny and a transvestite etc and other degeneracy at school aged 8 and it will be illegal for their parents to remove their children from classes. This along with other things surrounding "equality and diversity" would have made communists blush 30 years ago but now they are "conservative"

However, since 2004, People for the American Way’s 501(c)(3) associated entity has received $2.6 million from liberal billionaire George Soros‘ Open Society Institute (now the Open Society Foundations), according to data from the Foundation Center.[52]

Evans, Will. “McCain, GOP Senators Challenged On Pay Equity For Women.” NPR. September 30, 2008. Accessed January 17, 2017.

Ok, I can understand from history as in the case of Bush Jr who was expanding the welfare state in order to win elections and that similar was done by other GOP members. And now with Trump GOP is promoting right-wing collectivism and protectionism which the Republicans have historically been against by promoting more limited government and freedom. So yes, I do see that republicans and conservatives in USA are doing more of statist, welfarist, collectivist policies. But what has that to do with Soros foundation?

Basically in my view, Soros and left wingers and globalists with lots of money are steering conservatism into a harmless free market party with no real policies or influence (they go along with modern liberalism and support Israel) and they are standing in the way of a real right wing movement.

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