Feeling after surgery

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Good afternoon. Dear community!


Photo before and before surgery, for comparison..Night snapshot.



Hello dear friends.! It's been eight days since the head surgery, the medicinal plant..During this time I medicinal plant, every day watered and fed tea.. I think the plant surgery went well..This can be seen in the photos and in the video that I took for you friends.




All health and profit.

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Beautiful, keep it growing!!!


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Oh boy nothing like head surgery. I hope it went well. The plant here looks amazing! Are you on Insta? I swore I saw a pic like this on there this morning probably not though... I wish you a speedy recovery!

Can be seen in my blog https://smoke.io ...Thanks.

great! wish you good plants and a lot of ca$h

Thanks..And You health and profit.

You’ve been visited by @vibesforlife on behalf of Natural Medicine!

Amazing, take care of that little bud. :)

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