Medicinal plants.

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Good afternoon. Dear community!

Hello dear friends! I was first educated by profession, pastry chef.. So, to fry medicinal plants and boil them with milk, I like it. But this requires a considerable amount of medicinal plants, if you want once a week to relax well. In an abandoned house, I have every year is growing one a good shrub medicinal plants, which on maturation spreads seeds .. For three years of using this place, there now grows a good amount of medicinal plants that I use for cooking healthy dishes.. I hope to show you soon dear readers how I prepare medicinal plants.



Why I'm doing this, the answer is simple.. I am treated with medicinal plants for insomnia , joint pain , headache, tension, fatigue, stress..Actually helps me very much..

All health and profit.

Come visit me @senattor

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Hi @sennator! I noticed that you posted in teh wrong channel in Natural medicine discord so if you want people to comment you have to post in the right one!

I'm glad that these medicinal plants bring you benefits!

Excuse me..