A trip to a good.

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Good afternoon. Dear community!

Sixteen days ago, I took two medicinal plants and put them in a bucket so no one would see what I was carrying...And went on landing in another village, in an abandoned house. There was already prepared a pit depth of one and a half meters, which I use for many years..There's already one plant growing there, an Afghan child... In the pit grow large bushes, after transplantation, I once went to an abandoned house to amputate the head of a medicinal plant. And today it's time to share with your friends your plants that grow in the pit.. An unusual place to grow medicinal plants , but it's worth it. The time will come to see it with your own eyes - dear readers..

All health and profit.

Come visit me @senattor

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NIce! But don't forget to add the cannabis tag as well. :)



It grows and grows... :)



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Bro, your killing it! Keep up the great work! Im sure these beautiful ladies will continue to grow wonderfully in your care. Thank you for sharing with us.


And thank you for stopping by.

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Great growth in a pit in an abandoned house, but why not grow in the open since you took the leaves from the open itself.

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This is an open place when medicinal plants grow up, I will share pictures to make it clear ... Thank you ..