An Ode to Spam

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Oh, spam,
No Ham I am

But in third grade
I ate green eggs
And thought it
Was the best thing ever

And now can’t
Eat ham and eggs
without the strange
Memories of third grade

No this is not
About Ham I am
Even tho
I love spam

And I don’t care
What anyone thinks
I love my spam

My mom would give me a look
When I would order
My spam musubis

I heard people say
With great disdain
Oh God Spam!

They must never had
spam musubis
Or grew up in the MPK
For me spam musubis
Is fill with love,
Summers, baseball,
Shaved ice, hot sauce,
Girls of my youth,
My first crew,
My first lei
Hot Box
Peach schnapps
Hawaii Ice tea
Pineapples bongs,
Dust old books
Shakas Steven and
Free musubis
When I was a dharma bum

So I don’t care I love
my spam n' eggs
But this is
Not About
Ham I am
Even tho I love
my spam

This is about spam
The goddamn Russian bots,
Automated pieces of shit,
The Biology of Disinformation

Hell hole, that is a tweet
The annoying as fuck
Random advertising of
God knows what!

Like how is
Pathetic Unathletic
Beta Cucked White Males
that Worship Black Athletes
Even a thing?
And what does it even mean?

Or do I really
Need to watch
A chicken stuck
To a dogs butt
Or do I really
Need to read
You’ll never guess
Who this celebrity is?

Or strange late night
erotic emails coming
from Vanessa E.J.
I'll never forgive you for
the one night stand

My god, what have we become!
The spontaneous, unsought,
Undesirable and uncalled for
The Rise of the Weaponized
AI Propaganda Machine
Keeps rolling on,
And someone must be clicking
These random click bait
beta messages,
Or is it bot on bot

I wonder why
The digital Gods
Have forsaken me
And my love for
My spam

Because when I hear spam
I still go mmmMMMmmm

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