My latest finished commercial: Ulitium Solar Light & Charging Kits to change the lives of many in Indonesia

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It was decided that my previous version of this film was too long so a shorter version has been created with clear titles & a little of the footage I shot during the @charitysteemit day of handing out kits to the evacuees.

Hit any of the images to go directly to the film on DTube

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I was a little sad to see my directors cut hit the editing room floor this week but must acknowledge that this version gets the message across in a faster and clearer way.

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You can see my director's cut version here...and I think you will agree it is more filmic in its approach, telling the story without the need for titles.

And here is the final edit (1min 30secs) on YouTube:

What with the general attention span of people these days, I can understand how keeping it short and as clear as possible is important.

All feedback welcome before it goes live!

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I do prefer the longer version.


Thanks! Secretly so do I ;)

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Oh wow, this is stunning!!
And great work on the video as well!

One Love


Enjoy the vote and reward!


Thanks very much! Appreciate your optimism :)

Well, the longer version is just more enjoyable from a film watching perspective, but this one definitely has a stronger marketing edge.


Thanks. That's what I figured. Though it's hard as the creator of so many beautiful shots to know that only a few of them will ever get seen! Oh, that ego of mine still has a hold on me ;)

Thanks mate, this is amazing! :D


Appreciate your enthusiasm! Making films is my calling I believe ;)