See the exact moment Bali's Mount Agung erupts for a 2nd time - drone & time-lapse

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After the 1st eruption a few months ago the volcano smoked violently for a week and then subsided. It has remained inactive since then but just a few days ago it erupted again...

Enjoy this compilation of drone & time-lapse.

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And the awesome power of nature...

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Here it is on YouTube:

I have created the time-lapse from two live cams - compliments of Telkomsel who have a number of YouTube live feeds. You can see one of them here:

Thankfully the volcano looked like this as the sun was going down tonight

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 16.18.34.png

So for now there appears to be no big drama. And the airport will remain open for our departure on Thursday!

We hope...

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Amazing pictures


This drone can do good and bad things. But thanks to it, it makes news covering in dangerous areas easy


I wouldn't be brave enough to fly my own drone above a smoking volcano! But I am grateful to those who are :)

Amazing pictures....


Thank you :)

share good information.


my best wishes are with you


Awesome footage.


Wow, nature is so powerfully beautiful <3


Isn't it just! I love it so much ;)

Amazing footage. Were you in a position to see the volcano erupt? Not something you want to be too close to. We were here in 2010 when San Cristobol erupted. We live about 40 km away. The ground shook and the thunderous noise was deafening.


We are also around 40k away. A friend shot the footage. I didn't hear or feeling anything. Wish I had!

We leave Bali in 48h :(

A new life in the south of france :)


Congratulations on your new adventure! Looking forward to reading more posts from France!

Baaaang!!!! Well done Sam!


Thanks dude. I do love a good old exploding volcano!


I saw horrific photos of the Pura Pesar Agung covered in grey ash mud :( I was there and remember all in green ....Keep us updated

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Wow, you guys too?