My Christmas encounter with Ashley Roberts of the Pussy Cat Dolls- how times have changed!

in dtube •  11 months ago

Back in my London cameraman days I met many celebrities always on film sets where it was my job to do the filming.

Here you can see a short film I made for Hello! in which the lovely Ashley struts her stuff as only she knows how!


She was actually a really lovely person. From what I could tell...

Enjoy the movie ;)

Watch Ashley on DTube here:

▶️ DTube

The benefit of having a camera slider

Did you notice how I used my slider to create lots of movement in the film?

This is a great tool to have as a pro filmmaker. Constant movement is the order of the day in promos like this one.

Do I miss my old life in London?

It was fun to do these kinds of jobs rubbing shoulders with celebrities for the day but in all honesty I don't miss it.

Life is much better now that I get to choose who I want to work for... thanks to the awesomeness of STEEMIT!

Now I work for those who I believe are on my level... those who are working toward the better good of one and all.

Like the aweseome company Sundaya who are providing solar for those who need it the most. Here is a film I made for them recently.

These people are not working for personal gain, as is the way with most celebrities. On the contrary they are paying themselves very little and have even borrowed money to ensure the realisation of their dream to change the lives of many, having a direct impact on the use of fossil fuels.

I feel proud to have made a number of films for them and used their products in the recent @charitysteemit fundraiser for the evacuees or Bali. See the film here:

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Who is @samstonehill?

He was a London based filmmaker until he sold everything and set out on a barefoot journey around the world.

Currently based in Bali he travels with his partner & two children. With no bank account he has been living on STEEM & crypto for over six months.

All content created for this account is 100% original (unless otherwise stated), produced by @samstonehill who invites you to use & share freely as you wish.

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Rockin' the transferable skills, whoop, whoop! xox


I feel blessed to have lived a long life already ;)

I've also worked as a professional magician, oil rig worker and a (grave yard shift) baker. They say I am a natural with the dow!

Whatever we decide we are going to be good at... must become our reality if we align our dominant core vibration to the correct feeling.

When I was 9 years old I knew I was going to win the Young Magician of the Year Competition when I was 13. Somehow I just knew and would consequently fantasise for hours about it.

I didn't know it at the time but I was practicing Law of Attraction. And it worked very well for me. Still does ;)


I can relate to your words having also lived a long and interesting life, to date, - for which I am truly grateful. I have worked as a professional Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Artist - I had work in the RA in the 1990's, Tutor at The London college of Printing, successful Antique Dealer and nowadays a Writer and Artist.

I have lived in the UK, France, Spain and Bulgaria and dream of moving to India!

I always knew that I had a destiny to add value but am only now, after a spiritual epiphany, sure of my path - that is on balance, still being open to the details :)

Perhaps we crossed paths in London many moons ago?!

Have a splendid Christmas with your friends and family xox


There is a strong likelihood of our paths crossing in London. I rarely stayed in my home back then!

Thank you for your message here. And a Merry Christmas to you too :)

Merry Christmas Steemit!.png

This film gives me that old fashioned romantic feeling; where I'd do anything to bone her.


haha! Yep... know that feeling!


It is a great feeling :)