A short compilation of drone & time-lapse, shot in our Bali eco community: Taman Petanu 2016

in dtube •  11 months ago

snap (21).jpg

There is a spectacular beauty here in central Bali impossible to capture on a camera.

But I have certainly given it my best shot with my drone and HDR time-lapse tracking system!

snap (19).jpg

Hope you enjoy this little slice of perfection and surrealism ;)

I made the film as a gift for this community and it will now play on the main page of their website as a banner.

Hope your enjoy my enjoyment!

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The eco-community seems very peaceful and tranquil! We shall keep Taman Petanu in mind when visiting Bali.


It is the most peaceful place I know of on Earth.

Home (1).jpg

If you do ever make it here ask to see Petra (who runs the community) and mention my name. She will give you 7 days for free if you're lucky ;)

She also accepts barter so if you fancy doing a bit of gardening instead of paying the rent...

Personally, I have paid my last year of rent in films & photos I have created for her :)

No more need for money around here, especially as we have solar power, ample fruit & veg growing around us and drinking water from the taps, which comes from filtered rain water.

OFF THE GRID is the way to be ;)



Hey Sam, what a great video! It's Andres in Canggu


Well hello there! Great you are active on Steemit now :)

You will find my YouTube site helpful if you are looking understand Steemit better:

The first thing you need to do now is construct an introduction post. Who are you? What do you have to offer Steemit? Lots of pics, lots of info.

Here is the first post of friend I helped a few days ago:

Also, you should join my Facebook group HERE and post your work there.

Keep in touch and private message me if you have questions.

...and keep collecting that crypto ;)


Much appreciated Sam! I have been reading your posts and some introductions to Steemit. Sharing is love, cheers!


Thanks @samstonehill, we shall keep Petra's name in mind as well as your tips ;)
It would be a great way to spend a week in Bali - helping out the community and exploring the area surrounding it


You will love it 🌴

wow, awesome video, more pls!

This is a fantastic video. Do you plan on doing more?


I will be making these films till the day I die!

You may enjoy my DTube account @samstonehilltube



I'll go over and check out. Thanks!

Beautiful, great job!


Thanks very much!

Nice photos. I look forward to following your content.


Thanks. I am sure you will enjoy ;)