Dtube first video post! Steemit and Crypto Online Courses

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I have just posted our trailer on dtube - an awesome site which connects our videos to the Steemit blockchain in very simple way. Once you have uploaded your video, thumbnail, title, description and tags on dtube, it will create a Steemit post for you with a link back to your video on the dtube platform.

Watch Steemit and Crypto Online Courses video on DTube

This is the current url for our website: https://sammystonehill.wixsite.com/steemmasters

....and will be connected in a few days to: www.steemmasters.com

We look forward to hearing from you on steemit.chat

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 02.30.50.png


It doesn't play here atm. I cab imagine what you are doing though. Awesome!!

Yeah, shame it doesn't play direct on Steemit, but I am sure they will figure that one out at some point soon...

Thanks for the optimistic comment :)

Always :) I also have one video which doesn't play. I am full steeming ahead with fitness on dtube now :D

That would be a great idea!! Looking forward to the kind of courses you are going to provide

Keep steem'in hard!

I support with your comment 👌
Very good material 👍

Thanks. Looking forward to getting stuck in to training people through webinars....

Webinars are a great way for doing trainings. People are kind of saturated of reading long and complex articles...

Good luck with the project :)

thanks for your 'nice' :)

Thanks for sharing @samstonehill. I hope dtube will overtake Youtube in the coming years.

Me too! I think we have a long way to go yet...

but the days of YouTube are numbered.

nice I like that

I like it too :)

Doing good work keep it up

nice post ...i upvoted you plz upvote me ??

Errrrr... you are a 10. How did that happen????

Congratulations,just posted my first one yesterday and have one lined up for tomorrow and the next day!

Great stuff! It's a brave new world....


Thanks for reminding me! I advertised you in my last beer tasting post and sent people your way. I hope it gets you some more clicks!

Also, 100% upvote! Cheers!

Many thanks for that! Like I said I thought it would be because we have been building beer furniture recently!!!

Good luck with DTube. It can be a bit glitchy

did my first video today too

Good man. Hope to see your videos there soon...

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