Motorhome roadtrip with excessively friendly sheep

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It has been a real pleasure getting this unexpected time with my mother whose new motorhome was the perfect prelude to my big film job in York.

Still playing catch-up here, getting up to date on DTube with my films. Almost there...


Three nights mum & I shared this little space and I was very impressed with her knowledge of how it all worked.


You will have to watch the video to understand the full degree of cuteness demonstrated by these sheep!

I speak briefly about the death of a dear friend, something I am still coming to terms with.

Screen Shot 20190526 at 19.47.48.png

Finally I made it to my work site where I was able to fly the drone and get a sense of scale for the film project ahead of me.

Screen Shot 20190526 at 20.11.08.png

YouTube version here:

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Excellent you look great.
Your spectacular mother.
God bless you.
I'm sorry your friend fell asleep in death.
He will live again, I know.
I know what it is to lose loved ones and the state of shock it generates.
Stay cool
I subscribed to your YouTube channel. I will receive notifications.

Hey there!

Great you have subscribed. Am getting them all uploaded to DTube, just in case YouTube should one day decide I am somehow a threat to the status quo and delete my account.

So, this film is actually 2 months old, but it was a great moment worth re-watching. Combined with a difficult moment. I have a little shrine for him in my bedroom now and I talk to him every night.

My mother has been getting younger and more active ever since she went vegan and took up yoga five years ago ;)

I wonder if she supplements??? I actually have no idea. I will check....

I don't know how old your mother is.
But by generating less stress, for peace and calm that gives maturity and not being a consumer of any toxin that causes the wear and tear of its nutrient storage, it would only require Magnesium that would help activate numerous coenzymatic functions.
It is contraindicated in heart failure and renal deficiency.

Sometimes, the vegan diet can be high in sugars; for fruits, grains and tubers.
These foods would be consumed before 2 pm To rest the pancreas and avoid nocturnal insulin.
Stay great!

She is 75 next month and I will pass on your Magnesium tip and 'before 2pm' tip.

Thank you again for being BEYOND GREAT :) x

Seems like a nice catch up for you with mum. York hey not too far from me at all. Dead is a tricky think to cope with in many differing ways, sending you some reiki vibes bud!

Enjoy the work looking forward to seeing more 💯🐒

Where is home for you???

Thanks for the Reiki vibes. I guess I'm okay now, but the saga does seem to be dragging out. His family keep pestering me for information regarding his final days and his will, even though I really know nothing at all... other than the fact he hated his family! Which is rather difficult to tell them given the circumstances.

Wish I could post the film I have so far made, but my contract was pretty clear about that. Nothing public.... yet.

Clitheroe! Yer it's a difficult time when truths come out too, tough for all concerned. Keep enjoying the work and awaiting the finished product. Good to see such a large scale project going up to be honest. Better than the Fracking they want all around Yorkshire and Lancashire 💯🐒

either britain has very friendly animals or you really do have a way with sheep.. cant wait to see what the film project turns into!

Well, I would like to tell you I have a way with animals... and perhaps I do! But in truth these particular sheep are just very used to the happy campers feeding them ;)

Quick question.... does this fit under the creativecoin tag?

what does my upvote tell you? i rarely award over 50 percent.

oh dammit you didnt use the tag!!! and dtube is notorious for being shitty on editing tags! im so sorry. you can try to repost it just for CC, and link dtube. (i almost wrote ftube for ..well u know) any photos and videos are ALWAYS creative. use the tag!!!~

Coolio. No worries for this time. Plenty more where that came from ;)

If I had the energy I would make a new film ever few days!

It is my preferred medium.

its a good one. the quotes are nice, but its the photos and videos that are earning you the votes.

Now that is a BIG heart! Thank you.

Am super excited today... coz tomorrow I'm off to France!!!!!

I feel like I'm on a cloud :)

And it's fluffy!

yeah I am excited for you, have a great weekend xxx