Drones, motorhomes & a spot of gardening

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Passing tests to become a qualified drone operator hasn't been easy but it has to be done. From Cambridge to Oxford to Norfolk, the adventures goes on... vlogging my way to the big job in York!

This episode introduces you to my drone mad uncle & motorhome-loving mother. And let's not forget my gardening mad uncle.

Do you like my new drone? It's a DJI Mavic 2 Pro

This is a re-cap (for the sake of getting everything onto D.Tube) of my ongoing UK adventure this Summer to make a film which documents the construction of the UK's most advanced solar farm in York. As you can see I don't have to walk far to get to work ;)

home to work.jpg

Clips from the film

Here is the drone mad uncle with his big one!

Screen Shot 20190521 at 15.47.49.png

My mother with her new motorhome.

Screen Shot 20190521 at 15.49.46.png

And my gardening obsessed step father.

Screen Shot 20190521 at 15.50.57.png

Finally, a lifeless bird wanting a resting place.

Screen Shot 20190521 at 15.52.042.jpg

Onward & Upward we fly together!

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