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Starting off the dollar on the weekly chart watch for the bearish retracement back into resistance and being rejected for a flat bottom break just under the monthly simple moving average 34.

Gold and silver closing the monthly's look very healthy if we can just get the daily charts to get across previous highs the monthly chart breaks look very very bullish

The indices look like blowoff tops so far we will need to look for the open on Monday morning to see if maybe we create some kind of double top and then we need to break down into previous highs to confirm those tops.

Oil looks to be bullish as it is picked up the pace on the daily chart, the monthly chart looks bullish as well is the reverse head and shoulders is continuing to move up next stop 70 and then $10 increments all the way up to nearly 100. But resistance at every $10 so 70 than 80 then 90 so on and so forth. To recap the bullishness of the monthly chart is a reverse head and shoulders. A bullish price pattern completion

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