Buying bitcoin at a Love's Truck Stop using the LibertyX app.

in dtube •  11 months ago

I don't always buy Bitcoin, but when I do, I buy it at a Love's Truck Stop on California State Route 99. It's as easy as going up to the POS and buying a pin for LibertyX.

it's been very profitable even with the $5.00 fee, because Bitcoin has been on a rocket ship for the last several months.

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Win. I am in Cambodia, where would you suggest to buy bitcoin?


I have no idea my friend. You can exchange your Steem for bitcoin. Best wishes.

Thats interesting. You can steem on.

steem on :D

Only the most interesting men in the world, can buy Bitcoin at Love's Truck Stop on Route 99.

Sounds good and indeed BTC is o high route :)