Marketing To Would Be Marketers! Let the Truth be told! Ryan RANTZ part 1 So many Homeless in USA?

in dtube •  14 days ago 

Today's rant we talk about marketing online classes that are made to fail.
The income made is from you buying more information. Why are there so many homeless!

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99% of the YouTubers sprout crap on sites, apps, passive income etc that don't work for the majority of the people. They do it to sell a dream to people for youtube ad revenue, cashout and to get referrals. Getting quality content on youtube has gotten difficult. The best thing about your channel everyone can do stuff and you do make some money. Being homeless sucks it really shouldn't be happening anywhere. What annoys me the most is when you got social empty housing a whole street by me for example and yet got people homeless.

Thank You, very well said and I 100% agree!