Working at the Farm.

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Dear steemians,

Today I helped my father working at the Longan Farm, watering the Longan trees. Longan is fruits. The fruits will come in a few months. I will show you later. We have our own water Pump at the farm with lots of water. I feel our village is abundance. Every family in this village have their own water Pump for agriculture. But water for drinking, we got it from the government.

Our chicken, they are free. They are happy to hunting insects around the farm, especially when we watering the Longan trees. They are many insects from the ground came out.

It was nice to work at the farm, After a long journey in Europe. I really miss everything here. If the weather is not too hot. It must be really nice to me.

Thank you very much, everybody, for visiting my post, upvote, comment, and resteem. Have a good time and see you around.

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Nice farm :) And your chicken look happy indeed.

Thank you. Yes they were.

It's great that you have Longan Farm. Longan is one of my favorite fruits. Yummy!

The chicken are very cute and it's good that they can walk freely around your farm.

Thanks for sharing your video with us. I look forward to seeing the Longan trees with plenty of fruits on them soon. ;)

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