No more Youtube for Me !! I'm so Over that Platform :(

in dtube •  last month

No, No, No, NO...No more exclusive videos on Youtube for me. I'm over that platform.The censorship and the Rules implemented in the last 2 years to monetize have made it intolerable to rely on ! ( imho)

Anymore it will be Dtube and maybe post as a backup on YT. Just to have for my own purposes.

Your thoughts on doing YT videos exclusively ??

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I think many will switch to other platforms and YouTube will change the rules so as not to lose users

what's with YouTube, I think you can come back for him

Maybe because the regulations are so strict that youtube users are leaving it. Especially now there is a dtube that is directly connected to Steem

Ever since they started censoring videos posted on YouTube and also removing of monetization for my videos I stopped using the platform . I think everybody needs to leave YouTube platform and embrace dtube as an alternative

I startes my channel on youtube some time ago but when i was not getting enough of view and suscriber, i left that place. It has been long i post a video on my youtube channel

I think so YOUTUBE have to much restrictions to upload a video need a decentralized platform to overcome this restrictions.

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I've never been a huge fan of Youtube like a lot of people are. I don't really do that many videos though. I usually only visit the site when there is something that I need to learn how to do or a music video that I want to watch. I am sure I probably watch a lot of embedded videos that are on Youtube and I just don't realize it.