Why Not $77.77 for the Price of Steem ?? :)

in dtube •  8 months ago 

I am talking about long term Price. If we are shooting for $7.77 by next year why not $77.77 in a few years ??

We certainly have solid Fundamentals set up with all the Dapps and very talented Developers are working hard every single day.

So let's keep pushing it hard guys. It sounds like a Dream, sure, but always remember EVERYTHING does start out as a Dream :)

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If we will get more then 100x community in next few years and we will get good developers in this platform. It can be possible in few years.

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Excellent motivation @robertandrew and I fully agree that we must strive for new heights!

You're definitely correct, I think we're definitely equipped for the long-term price of Steem yes it is definitely a building process and I'm sure we're going to get there

Dreams always come true by continues pushing to the realization of the dream

Lol maybe because If that happened I would have to retire early and live a life of leisure I don’t think I’m ready for that yet

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It sounds like a crazy wonderful dream. I can't even imagine what this space would look like if it were that high. I can't even wrap my head around what a 100% upvote from me would look like either. That is just crazy. I agree, I think a lot of the fundamentals are there and we just need one little push to get us going. Sadly things have seem to take a downturn this afternoon. Hopefully by the time I wake up tomorrow we will be green again!

We have yet to see how the Hardfork will turn the price of steem into a more positive level Sir @robertandrew so for now it is just a waiting game.

Yes ... sometimes dreams come true. I want the price of steem to increase sharply so that it can prosper its members. Have a nice day, sir.

That’s a very nice and cozy to sit on a recliner a way to unwind after all that grocery deliveries 🚚. Awesome. And you’re right why not raise it to 77.77 or better yet why not 777.77 , right?
Have a great day. 👍♨️👏🎶🙌💜💪😎😀

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