The Rob and Smokie Show Episiode 12- It was the Best of Times and it was the Worst of Times at the Steem Blockchain

in dtube •  15 days ago

The worst of times in that Steem prices have plummeted. But, imho, it's the best of times at the Steem blockchain with so many exciting Communities coming to life and Projects as well as Dapps including Partiko, Steem Monster, Dtube, Steemit and so much more.

And Smokie agrees with me wholeheartedly !! :)

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When I came here there wasn't any DAPP but I believe that's where improved immensely in my opinion, however many will consider it a worse time because the prize of steem isn't helping to influence or prove the growth we're experiencing, wonderfully done VLOG buddy

Still excited, Rob ... even though steem prices are still low and the blockchain market is still recovering. Hopefully it will be better in the future


I think it will @]elianaelisma . Steem is here to stay

steem is price is just really influenced by BTC plus there is so much sell pressure when steem goes up because everybody wants to cash out. But steem has a lot of use cases so it will definitely have a great future @robertandrew


Why they want to cash out when we have such wonderful opportunities

Yeah this is good time to invest in STEEM because new good project is going on

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hopefully rob and smokie stay compact,

I’m happy Rob and Smokie are optimistic and keeping everyone’s spirits up. 😊 💕


Thanks @redheadpei , We try :)

I agree with both of you. It is really sad to see how much the prices have dropped despite the continued development and improvement that has been happening on the chain. It look forward to the day that all cryptos aren't so closely tied together. This everything dropping because Bitcoin dropped stuff is getting really old! :)