DtubeRockers Recepient for this Week is No Other than @Clixmoney :)

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Founder and Creator of Dcooperation, @clixmoney is a true Engager on the Dtube Platform. And has really gone out of his way to help people on the Blockchain including yours truly!

He makes it a point to Comment on others' Blogs and also to Reply to every single Comment he gets on his own blog.

Congrats to @clixmoney :)



Want to be a Dtube Rocker ?? Simply do a lot of High Quality Curation and Commenting on the Dtube Platform ,and I will select you as an exclusive DtubeRocker Member. Word of Warning : I am very selective. And those who make the cut get an individual Banner of recognition ( above) and one full day of 25% - 100% Upvotes ( at least 10 Upvotes if you had over 10 Comments) on all your substantial Comments !

Make Ninja Status- Banner plus 25%- 100% Upvotes for ALL your substantial Comments for whole 2 darn days..( eligible 3 to 6 months after Master)

Super Ninja Status- Banner plus once a week upvote on ALL your substantial Comments for the rest of your Life on the Steem Blockchain ( Yes, you heard that right ,and Iam serious about this :) eligible 1 to 2 years after Master status )

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Congratulation to @clixmoney for your recognition as a quality content creator and also for adding values to this platform


Thanks a lot. That's a big honor for me. ☺

That is awesome! Sounds like you have picked yet another winner! I don't know as though I have ever visited their blog, but the name definitely sounds familiar. Based on what you are saying it appears they are very deserving!

Thanks a lot dude. It's an honor for me. And yeah, this week was so productive and enjoying. You'r also doing great. Keep being active, positive and so valuable to our community. ☺


Thanks my man and again congrats :)

I really appreciate the people who want to help others. Hopefully God will bless him. Congratulations to @clixmoney :)


Thanks a lot. ☺

Excellent review @robertandrew and I congratulate the @clixmoney!


Thanks a lot. ☺

Congratulation my friend as you selected for dtube rockers.

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Yes @clixmoney is one of the fine members of steem community Sir @robertandrew and really had formed a community inside steem. One of the popular sub communities here that he made the "dcooperation". :D


Thanks a lot. :)

I congratulate clixmoney for being the recipent. Keep up the good work